2019 men's casual shoes

If in the past being attentive to one's look was a typically feminine prerogative, now even men are showing more and more interest in their outfits. The most difficult garment to choose? The shoes; especially if they are not connected to a particular event, but to the routine of everyday life. Yet choosing a pair of casual shoes for men is less complicated than you think, the trick is in the right combination.

During 2019 we witnessed the return of the great classics: therefore, go ahead, then, to derby and Oxford shoes also for casual looks. An advice? Be original and choose a braided leather model. Combine a pair of derby shoes with a neutral-colored polo shirt that softens the classic look of the shoe. In addition, choose a cuffed pant that does not cover the shoe enhancing the style. The brogues, on the other hand, can also be combined with jeans with a more elegant jacket.

Are you a traditionalist? Then your casual shoes can only be a pair of black tumbled leather sneakers. But be careful, black doesn't look good on everything. Avoid it with blue or brown shirts. Rather prefer neutral or bright colors, if you want to dare. Finally, if you want to choose a casual look but want to wear classy shoes, opt for white leather slippers. Neutral and without laces, ideal for combining comfort with originality.

And now you just need to take a look at our casual shoes, to choose our 2019 proposals!