Slippers for men

Synonymous with comfort but also with elegance, in recent years the model of slippers is increasingly chosen by men who need comfort but do not want to give up a touch of class.
Suede or velvet, these shoes are perfect for spring or autumn; seasons in which temperatures begin to fall but thunderstorms are still rare. Dark or neutral shades alternate depending on the use made of it without completely excluding the possibility of choosing even a brighter shade.

Slippers for men: how to match them?

A pair of blue suede slippers with double buckles could be perfect for a long day at the office. It would be enough to combine them with jeans and a white t-shirt. On the other hand, a dove-gray model would be more suitable if combined with a linen shirt and a shorts to get ready for an aperitif.
Tired of the usual colors? Why not opt, then, for an electric blue to wear under a classic slim fit pant, perfect for both a formal dinner and a romantic event.

Elegant men's slippers

Young people will prefer slippers with a rubber sole, but to be more elegant, we recommend a leather sole, a symbol of Made in Italy and quality.
Just as in place of the model that recalls streetwear fashion, we point out the slippers with a slightly tapered shape that lengthens the foot giving it a finer profile.

Still undecided about which shoes to choose? All you have to do is take a look at our slipper models!