Sneakers: meaning and origin

For years, sneakers have been synonymous with rebellion and irreverence. Worn for jogging, on the playground or on stage, these shoes have been loved by the male universe for more than fifty years.
Screen extras thanks to James Dean, they have had even greater success thanks to the player Michael Jordan and to some musical groups like Nirvana and the Ramones; to the point of deserving themselves the title role in films and dedicated exhibitions. Nowadays they are the must-have of a man who wants to feel at ease without betraying his originality.

High-top sneakers

The men's high-top sneakers are among the most popular models among teenagers: casual enough to be combined with shorts, as well as elegant to be worn under a suit and tie suit.
These shoes, which are born to walk without generating any noise (from the English verb to sneak which means to spy), are characterized by a rubber sole that makes them silent and very comfortable. The high-top leather sneakers, in particular, are suitable for winter walks during which you do not want to give up a touch of class.

Low-top sneakers

Low-top sneakers, on the other hand, are the favorite of athletes and can be worn almost always. In suede, canvas, smooth or tumbled leather, these shoes can satisfy any taste. In particular, the autumn-winter 2019 trend focuses on blue leather sneakers, even more particular if in crust and wrinkled leather.

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