The Made in Italy of footwear: Quellilà

In the collective imagination, Made in Italy refers to two sectors in particular: food and fashion. Although these two markets may seem so distant from each other, there is a feature that applies to both. Indeed, Italy represents the excellence of creativity and mastery thanks to the quality of its products, the elegance of its creations and a refinement of taste that distinguishes all the works made in the “Bel Paese”. In particular, if we focus on the world of fashion, another important peculiarity that differentiates the homeland of Valentino and Salvatore Ferragamo, is the high quality of the fabrics used to make the clothes as much as the shoes.

Made in Italy: our brand

It is this tradition that Quellilà in Italy turns to, Italian footwear brand that embodies design, details and style. The models of our footwear are finished by the skilled hands of master craftsmen who take care of everything in detail to make men's and women's shoes, unique and inimitable.
All those who work around this world know that choosing a pair of moccasins, cleavages or classic shoes is much more than combining them with a suit or a suit. The shoe carries with it great responsibilities: it represents a part of the wearer, it must enhance the outfit and must make those who choose it feel at ease. Every shoe must be able to tell those we meet about us.

The products of Quellilà in Italy go against the traditional standards precisely because only by daring can you express the best of yourself. Design and quality of materials characterize our work, but rather than believing what you are reading, take a look at our casual shoes for men or our women's boots, just so you will have an idea of ​​our Made in Italy.