Design and quality of materials

Quellilà in Italy is a brand of quality Italian footwear born from the intuition and passion of three young Italian entrepreneurs with experience in the field of craft production. The aim was to create a product that is mainly focused on the freshness of the design and the accuracy of the detail, highlighting the style and beauty of the shoe. This shoe is made in the same way as an artistic gesture aimed at creating a work of art that bears witness to the importance and harmony of the Italian style and in particular the skill of the Neapolitan school.

This is how Quellilà in Italy was born, a new brand that dares to go against the tide compared to traditional standards and that aims above all to satisfy the needs and tastes of our customers. All strictly made in Italy.

Handcrafted, hand-finished footwear

All models in our collection are hand-finished down to the smallest detail to meet the needs of men and women who want to always express the best of themselves.
Choosing the right shoe and accessory cannot become a mechanical habit, but must be a conscious choice where you can show your uniqueness and your style.
Discover all the news related to our brand and reinterpret in your own way the exquisitely Italian elegance of its handcrafted styles.

Quellilà in Italy: synonymous with uniqueness and luxury

Quellilà in Italy was born 4 years ago, from the Esposito family, owners of the Otisopse stores. The name "Quellilà" is aimed at "those who do not follow traditional standards", those who dare and express their creativity in wearing a pair of "in Italy" shoes precisely because it is produced strictly in Italy. The innovative brand wants to meet customer needs, producing and selling luxury shoes, unique in their kind. It is precisely their uniqueness that distinguishes the exclusivity of these accessories, impossible to reproduce several times. The meticulous attention to detail, to meet that slice of the public who want a commodity that feels its own, particular and useful on any occasion, without taking the risk of meeting someone with the same product.

The artisan production that makes the shoe unique in its kind

The Quellilà in Italy handmade shoes are designed, created and produced only in Italy, specifically in Campania and Tuscany. In the workshops, artisans make 80% handmade shoes, while the remaining 20% ​​use cutting-edge machinery. An innovative artisan production, but with the secret "recipe", handed down from generation to generation, which gives life to particular shoes. Factories take into account the environment that is protected as the employee himself. The materials used are in real leather, without any imitation that makes the object unique in its kind.

Quellilà in Italy: a variety of reliable and high quality products

Choosing the Quellilà in Italy product means not homologating, going against the current and being singular in a plurality of mass that dresses the same. An exclusive shoe, different from the usual, without neglecting quality, comfort and reliability. Unique in their kind, the shoes can range from women's lace-ups and men's lace-ups, to brogues in suede or leather, without leaving the moccasins out. Even the bottom of the shoe is treated in detail with the choice between leather sole and vibram or real rubber sole. The value for money is excellent, and there are no intermediate steps between the manufacturer and the customer. Online sales are also created to offer an extra service to the buyer who cannot reach the store, with reliable and always punctual couriers.

Our contacts

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