About quellilà

My name is Alessandro and I represent the fourth family generation of Made in Italy footwear manufacturers. My family has been making shoes for almost 100 years. I grew up in shoes. I love shoes, the smell of leather, the sound of a leather sole.

Since I was little more than a child I have always been fascinated by the process of making a shoe. From all that is behind the production of a quality artisan product. How much care and attention to detail is needed.

This curiosity and desire to do has allowed me to learn many things. Today, through the creation of the quellilà line, I use the skills acquired over the years to satisfy my most demanding customers.

There are many ways to express passion, beauty and creativity, to enhance your city, your nation and your tradition. I do it through a pair of shoes.

Quellilà is a Top line by Otisopse completely made in our laboratory in Naples.

Each shoe is unique because it is handmade using exclusive raw materials.

Quellilà shoes are of the highest quality but accessible to all, as there are no intermediaries between us and our customers.

We are made for those looking for a timeless style and values ​​the Neapolitan craftsmanship in creating handmade shoes.