About quellilà

In the heart of Naples, a city kissed by the sun and wrapped in rich artisanal traditions, the brand quellilà was born. Its story is intertwined with the Esposito family, Otisopse,a dynasty of Italian shoemakers who have been crafting high-quality footwear for almost a century.

At the helm of the fourth generation of this family of craftsmen is Alessandro, a man driven by a deep love for the craft and a desire to offer something special to his clientele. Growing up among skilled artisans, Alessandro was captivated by the process of shoemaking from a young age. With the curiosity of a child and the dedication of a true enthusiast, he learned traditional techniques and the art of creating shoes that stand the test of time.

Armed with experience, knowledge, and a unique vision, Alessandro decided to establish the brand quellilà. His mission was clear: to create a top line of handmade footwear that combines the Neapolitan artisanal mastery with the use of exclusive materials. He wanted each pair of quellilà shoes to be a unique work of art, an expression of passion and beauty.

The name "quellilà" was chosen to evoke a sense of wonder, the emotion one feels when encountering something truly special, something that cannot be described in words but can only be pointed at with a finger: "quellilà."

The quellilà line is a celebration of timeless style and the Neapolitan craftsmanship in creating handmade shoes. Every detail, from the choice of fine leathers to the hand-stitched seams, is carefully attended to with the utmost care and passion. Alessandro wants his shoes to embody the essence of Italian craftsmanship and spread its legacy worldwide.

And so, in the family workshop in Naples, the quellilà line comes to life. Each shoe is the result of meticulous work, hours of dedication, and an experience passed down through generations. The result is footwear of the highest quality, capable of captivating and astonishing anyone who wears them.

Quellilà shoes are not just fashion accessories but symbols of excellence, passion, and authentic Italian tradition. Alessandro is proud to offer his customers a piece of history, a work of art to be worn with pride and sophistication.

Thus, the story of quellilà continues to be written, step by step, through every pair of shoes that comes out of the workshop. A brand that carries forward the family legacy and artisanal tradition, gifting the world with Italian excellence that knows no boundaries.