Refund policy

Easy and safe return

Please note that the return is possible up to 14 days from the date of shipment, and is free in Italy only in case of change of model or size

Returns and exchanges are never free for purchases made with discounts or promotions

Return Instructions:

1. Send an email to info@quellilà and indicate the order number, reason for the return and photos of the top and bottom of the shoe

2. Quellilà indicates how to prepare the package. You can choose whether to send your courier or have it sent to you by Quellilà

3. A Quellilà employee checks the returned goods and sends an email containing the return confirmation.

4. Within 15 working days, you will receive a refund of the amount spent, on the same card used to pay for the order.


Return terms and conditions

- The soles of the shoes must be in perfect condition and show no signs of any kind, the safety stamp / label affixed to the soles and / or any other part of the shoes must not be removed or altered in color and shape.

- Each product must be returned including all original labels, packaging and accessories, received with the order.

- All footwear must be returned together with their original box, which is considered to all intents and purposes an integral part of the product itself and which must not have been damaged and / or altered in any way, nor used as a single external packaging.

- In the event that the Customer receives defective goods, or that errors occur in shipments by Quellilà, it is required to follow the same instructions above. Quellilà reserves the right to request photographic evidence before authorizing returns for defective goods.

- Quellilà reserves the right to refuse unauthorized returns. At the time of exchange, the additional shipping costs are both charged to the customer.

- Quellilà will not accept the returned goods if the return does not comply with all the terms and conditions set out in the return policy. In these cases, the goods will be returned to the sender at the original shipping address upon payment of the shipment.